Report: No Moto Smartwatches Coming & None In The Pipeline


Pretty much ever since Android Wear came to be, Moto has been at the forefront of the Android Wear scene. In fact, the first-generation Moto 360 largely led the way when it came to Android Wear and was certainly one of the more popular choices at first. However, it seems that since then, Moto (now under Lenovo) has started to lose interest in the Android Wear market. In fact, according to a report out of The Verge today, that lost interest is even greater than many might have initially anticipated, as the report details that Moto has no plans to release a new smartwatch in time for the launch of Android Wear 2.0. In fact, the report largely confirms that Moto has no current smartwatches in development.

Back in September, it was widely reported that Moto was not going to release another smartwatch in 2016, with the same report largely confirming the same situation for Huawei and LG as well. Around about the same time, Google also did confirm that Android Wear 2.0 was being delayed until early in 2017. So therefore, it would have made sense for Moto to be releasing a next-generation smartwatch at some point around the time when Android Wear 2.0 finally became officially available. Although, that now seems to not be the case at all.

The latest information is said to come from Moto's Head of Global Product Development, Shakil Barkat, who is quoted as saying that Moto does not "see enough pull in the market" to warrant the release of a new smartwatch at the moment. Now, this does not necessarily mean that a new Android Wear-powered smartwatch won't come from Moto in the future – as the thinking is that they may reassess the situation as time goes on and decide accordingly in response to the level of demand. Again, according to Barkat, it is simply a matter of wearables not having "broad enough appeal for us to continue to build on it year after year". So while Moto may reevaluate and take another look at the situation in due course, it does seem that as it stands right now, they have little-to-no interest in pursuing wearables at the moment or in the foreseeable future.

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