Pebble To Keep Users' Watches Going Through 2017


Pebble's recent acquisition by Fitbit left a ton of distraught Pebble fans in its wake, with backers of current Kickstarter projects left waiting for refunds and owners of current models unable to use their warranties. Understandably, some of the community outcry was over fears that the features and services that make Pebble watches unique and valuable would be shut down immediately, rendering the watches all but useless for anything but the most basic functions, and kicking developers out of the Pebble ecosystem. Pebble has taken to their blog specifically to dispel this myth, and let fans know that their timepieces will continue to function as normal for the foreseeable future, or up until 2018 at the very earliest.

One of the first things that Pebble plans to do is issue updates to existing watches to ensure that functionality that depends on cloud services does not break entirely once those services shut down. Other functions, such as Pebble Health, should stay intact, since they don't rely on the cloud. Pebble also said that they will be taking a close look at some of their more intensive cloud-based features, such as voice dictation and weather, to figure out how best to handle those, and whether they can be kept going somehow.

To cap off the post, Pebble gives fans a kernel of hope; the blog post says that the Pebble owner and developer community had always managed to help the staff team along when they needed it, and they would be more than happy to allow them to take the reins on new developments, maintenance, and services for existing devices, which would effectively leave the entire Pebble ecosystem as it is now, if done right and consistently maintained. To that end, they dropped a few Discord channels meant for fans to chat about such efforts, being #appstore, #firmware, #mobile-apps, and #rebirth. Essentially, the post says that the core Pebble experience should stay largely the same, with only a few features crashing and burning, and even those could be saved if the community organizes to step in and take over operations before it's too late.

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