NOOK Update Fixed ADUPS Issue & Update To Remove Coming Soon


Recently, software known as ADUPS has been revealed as coming attached to some MediaTek-powered devices. The issue with ADUPS is that it gathers and transmits user information in ways that break Google's privacy policies for Android devices and applications. One of the devices found to be affected by the ADUPS controversy was Barnes & Noble's new NOOK 7, which went on sale back in November. When it was found and reported that the device was prone to ADUPS, Barnes & Noble was quick to reach out to media outlets and let them know that no user data had ever been collected. In fact, ADUPS had been found before the devices went on sale, and reportedly was crippled by an update that hit each device the first time it connected to Wi-Fi.

Though it may be a bit questionable that Barnes & Noble did not simply disclose the presence of ADUPS on their device to the public upon discovery, it would seem that users can rest easy knowing that their data is relatively safe. The update that every Nook 7 takes upon its first activation on Wi-Fi cripples ADUPS to bring it into strict compliance with Google's guidelines, according to Barnes & Noble. The bookseller has also stated that they are working on an update that will completely remove ADUPS from the device, and should be rolling out the update in the next few weeks.

According to Barnes & Noble's chief digital officer, Fred Argir, all of the NOOK 7 devices that were sold were able to catch the update, and were prevented from collecting or transmitting any user data. This means that, for the time being, they are perfectly safe to use with any kind of sensitive information that a user would ordinarily allow on their device. The usual precautions must be taken, of course, but worries about ADUPS' functionality should be largely null and void. With an update in the pipeline to remove ADUPS in the near future, the Barnes & Noble Nook 7 should be considered safe, but users should be wary of any future devices from Barnes & Noble, or any vendor for that matter, as the extent to this issue has yet to be determined.

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