New York Times Creating Star-Studded VR Film Noir


Virtual reality lends itself to an insanely wide range of experiences, by virtue almost as wide as the spectrum of experiences that one can have in the real world. VR's use cases run the gamut from movies, to gaming, and even business uses, so something as engrossing, timeless, and unique as film noir is not only a natural fit, it's a very interesting thing to see colliding with modern technology. As with any great piece of film noir, VR-enabled film noir is made that much more powerful by great leading men and ladies, and that's exactly the kind of experience that the New York Times has put together. There are a total of nine videos, each featuring a prominent star in today's Hollywood scene.

Through the NYT VR app or on YouTube, viewers can watch nine short, powerful scenes shot in VR-friendly 360 degrees. The kicker is that they aren't just any observer – they're actually a participant in the action, albeit a silent one that doesn't do much. The scenarios see the viewer interfacing directly with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, such as Don Cheadle and Kristin Stewart, in scenes like a bar shootout and a confrontation over infidelity in a relationship. The viewer does somewhat passive things, like serve a drink or get shot at, but that gives a powerful perspective, adding to the immersion already present in the fact that the viewer can look around the scene as if they're actually present.

All of the scenes are available online via the source link, on the NYT VR app, or on YouTube, meaning that even those without a VR headset can enjoy the detailed and immersive scenes. They're all well-shot, powerful, polished, and most of all, incredibly well-acted. The stars truly bring the scenes to life, and combining that with VR gives viewers an incredible experience that's not like anything else out there. This may be a good way to convince those in your life who are on the fence about virtual reality, so check out the video below, grab your Cardboard, Gear VR, or Daydream View, and check out the videos.


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