New T-Mobile Video Teases Un-Carrier Next At CES 2017


CES is normally where tech companies unveil what's next, rather than carriers. However, and in typical maverick fashion, T-Mobile has already announced that they will be unveiling whatever Un-Carrier Next is during the big event in Las Vegas next month. The whole thing is also going to be live streamed on YouTube as it happens on Jan. 5. Legere and his team decided that the best way to get the message across would be with a video showing off the Un-Carrier's accomplishments in the industry thus far. Naturally, this takes the form of a retro-styled video game with notes of classic Megaman, among others, starring T-Mobile CEO John Legere, and friends.

In the video, T-Mobile is shown doing battle with the evils of the wireless industry, dodging the obstacles that carriers usually face, and eventually taking the battle to the other carriers. John Legere even manages to throw in a cameo for Sprint spokesman Paul Marcarelli, laughing off an attack from him and making him sink to his knees in defeat. As for the Un-Carrier Next event that the video is intended to highlight, it's shrouded in mystery for the time being. The video doesn't reveal anything noteworthy, and John Legere's Twitter feed is essentially in radio silence mode on the matter, though he did change his Twitter avatar to his "in-game" sprite artwork, and pin the Tweet containing the video. The accounts of other T-Mobile big wigs bear largely similar amounts of information regarding the reveal.

Past Un-Carrier events have been numbered, and have revealed big changes, such as Music Freedom, and the abolishing of the traditional data plan. Carrier presence at CES, on the other hand, is not entirely unheard of, but doesn't normally result in much of anything big being revealed. That fact, combined with the name of the event and the huge amount of mystique surrounding it, means that Un-Carrier Next could be just about anything. Either way, and as it currently stands, it would seem that T-Mobile fans and the industry as a whole will have to wait until CES to see what T-Mobile has up their sleeve next.


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