Netflix Integration Now Live For Google Home

Google Home AH NS 14

Google first unveiled its latest smart home speaker, Google Home, during Google I/O back in May and then officially made it available during its launch event in October this year. Google Home is a direct competitor of Amazon’s Echo speaker. While Amazon Echo has some clear advantages over Google Home in terms of integrations with third-party products and services as being launched for more than a year now, Google has been doing its best to fill the gap by adding new integrations and functionalities lately. Just a few days ago the company started integrating Netflix and Google Photos in its Google Home app to give users an ability to play videos and photos directly on their compatible devices. Though the integrations have already started showing up in the Google Home app under the “Videos and Photos” section, many users reported that linking their Netflix account didn’t work at all, and it seemed like Google had yet to make this feature live for the mainstream audience.

Now, it looks like Google has finally activated the Netflix integration with the Google Home speaker, which lets you play your favorite videos on your Chromecast-connected or Cast-enabled TV set without touching a single button. Given that you already have a Chromecast-connected or Cast-enabled TV set, you can follow these steps to start playing videos from your Netflix account to your TV; in order to play videos from Netflix, you’ll need to link your Netflix account first in your Google Home app. First, make sure that you’re running on the latest version of the Google Home app. Now, launch the app, then tap on the menu, located on the top left corner, and make sure that you’re using the same Google Account you used to set up your Google Home, also, make sure that your connected devices are on the same WiFi network as Google Home. Now go to More Settings, and tap Videos and Photos; from the list of apps, tap on the Netflix app, then hit Link, and then finally tap Link account, that’s it; the Google Home app will automatically link your main Netflix profile. Please note that Google Home currently doesn’t support linking secondary Netflix profiles. Also, in order to successfully link your Netflix account, you’ll need to be on the latest version of the Google app, version 6.9 to be precise, otherwise, attempting to link your Netflix account will only result in an error.

Once linked, you’ll be able to play videos by just issuing a voice command to your Home speaker. For instance, you can simply say: “Ok Google, play Friends from Netflix on my TV,” and it will start playing the show on your TV. Not only that, you can even use voice commands to pause, resume, play and much more to control your content.

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