Meizu Enter Wearable Market With $30 Fitness Tracker


Meizu have, for some time now, been a major force in the smartphone market in China, and while they've yet to catch up to Xiaomi on the international stage, they've recently announced the Meizu PRO 6. One area that Xiaomi has been experimenting in for some time now has been the wearable market. Both generations of the Mi Band have been affordable and well received, but now Meizu is entering the wearable market with their own fitness tracker, the 229 Yuan ($33) Meizu Band.

While it's a simple affair, the Meizu Band has a lot going for it, including a sleek and understated design that will appeal to both men and women, as well as blend in to the majority of wardrobes. The Meizu band features a 7 day battery life, which is a little longer than the majority of fitness trackers out there, but not quite as long as something like the Amazfit Arc. A simple OLED display is hidden beneath the black silicon band, and displays simple content, such as your heart rate when exercising, as well as your step count for the day. Combined with the Meizu Health app, the Meizu Band is aiming to take on the Fitbit Flex 2, while offering a few more features. Not only does it also track your sleep, but it will display the time, as well as offer incoming call notifications and wake you up in the morning, too. All of which are features that the Fitbit Flex 2 and other fitness trackers at this sort of price don't have.

There's a lot on offer here with the Meizu Band, especially at its price tag of a little over $30. At the time of writing, however, the Meizu Health app isn't available in English, and there's not much here that you can't get on other fitness trackers, but the price here is definitely the unique selling point. For those looking for a well-made and affordable fitness tracker outside of China, however, they might want to rethink the Meizu Band as there are few signs that the band will be available internationally. Either way, those interested in the Meizu Band can take a look at the band down below and a review will be coming soon.


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