LG To Showcase Chromecast Compatible Monitor At CES

LG has just officially announced a series of new monitors which they plan to show off at CES in 2017, and while monitors are nice especially if you're in the market for a new one, it's not the fact that LG is simply introducing new monitors that makes this exciting, it's the fact that one of their new monitors will have Google's Chromecast technology built right in allowing you to stream content right to the monitor without having to plug in an actual Chromecast device. What's more, is that the monitor is UltraWide and it features 4K resolution, which means you'll be able to take advantage of the upcoming and existing 4K content that can be found in Chromecast compatible apps such as YouTube and Netflix, even if it is minimal at the moment.

LG is calling this the 34UM79M UltraWide Mobile+ monitor, and it comes with a 34-inch display which is denoted by the "34" in the model number. At 34-inches in a wide style form factor, with 4K resolution and Chromecast support, LG is preparing to capture the attention of those not only looking for a 4K UltraWide monitor, but those who also want the simplest way to stream content.

The LG 34UM79M is being hailed by LG as a mobile monitor because they have designed to have dual-use. It can be used as a standard monitor for your PC or laptop, but they've also designed it to be used in conjunction with your mobile device for streaming videos, and for streaming games that you may be playing on your smartphone or tablet. There's even an LG Mobile Monitor+ companion application that LG will be releasing alongside the monitor to help users make the most of it. With this app, users will be able to manage various monitor settings such as adjusting the aspect ratio and turning up or turning down the brightness of the display. The app will also enable the capability to manage the volume and a handful of other settings features as well. Additionally, the monitor has a feature built-in that LG is calling Dual Controller Plus which makes it possible to use a keyboard and mouse to control your PC and your mobile device, which could come in pretty handy if you use your mobile device for any productivity tasks. LG has mentioned that the UltraWide Mobile+ Monitor will be shown off at CES, but they have not yet announced a price or a launch date.

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