Latest Cuba Deal Will Allow for Faster Google Services


Over the past few years, Google's services and products like Chrome and Search have slowly been coming online in Cuba, but the state of their services hasn't been optimal. Data has to be transferred through international pipelines, and while some very quick ones have been built in recent years, at the moment, the pipelines between the United States and Cuba sport some fairly decent speeds, but not nearly fast enough to facilitate the full gamut of Google services. Google's services depend on a fast data transfer, so most nations that feature Google's services have local servers that cache Google data to allow for faster service. This arrangement is called Google Global Cache, and a blog post from Google says that it will be coming to Cuba soon.

A local telecom provider, ETECSA, has signed a deal with Google to help set up the Google Global Cache to keep the most popular and largest bits of data from Google's services on hand for quick and easy serving to the populace. The cached data will likely change over time, but will follow certain patterns of usage and how hard the data may be to transport otherwise. Data like popular YouTube videos, the Google Play Store, and Chrome's integral services like the Chrome Web Store, for example, will now be stored locally so that there's less latency to compete with, allowing faster and easier access to Google's services. This comes hot on the heels of Google rolling out the full range of available extensions and themes for Chrome in Cuba.

Google first started a serious push into Cuba back in 2014. Though some of their products were available there before then, some in a less than official capacity, 2014 marked the rollout of Chrome, the Play Store, and Google Analytics in Cuba. This most recent move to speed up local data transfer for Google services in Cuba is not exactly the beginning of a new era, but it will give Cubans who are connected an experience with Google's products similar to what others across the globe have had, and will allow more services to begin rolling out as Google gathers more data on what services Cubans may want and how they may want them delivered.

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