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Comfort. Features. Sound quality. Those are just a few of the factors that go into researching any headphone purchase, and rightly so; something that you will be listening to and have hanging from your ear is something that you'll definitely want to fit your needs and tastes. This goes doubly so for headphones that are also meant to serve as a headset, since this means consumers will be using them often, and some may even rely on them. Extensive consumer research before such a purchase is very common, but a quick and dirty infographic to help indecisive consumers or those who have a vendor in mind but not a model to narrow things down can't possibly hurt. That's the mentality that Samsung has displayed in creating an infographic to help would-be buyers differentiate between the headphones in their acclaimed Level series.

In the infographic in question, Samsung has arranged four of their flagship Level headset products into four neat rows, and shows off four typical use cases for those headphones up at the top, accented by quotes that can be attributed to the average headphone buyer. The four rows correspond to, from left to right, Samsung's Level U Pro and its active noise cancelling variant, the Level Active, the Level In featuring active noise canceling, and the Level On Wireless Pro. Scrolling vertically through, one can see most of the major features of each product, giving an idea of what niche each one may fit, and helping out those seeking a specific feature.

The infographic puts a short description of each product at the bottom, along with its picture. Between those, the user quotes, and the feature sets, would-be buyers can get a pretty good idea of what to expect out of each headset. The Level U Pro lineup and the Level On Wireless Pro, for example, are the only two featuring UHQ Audio, which would narrow things down pretty quickly for audiophiles. Those who need to be able to get their headphones wet, on the other hand, must look to the Level U Pro family and the Level Active. The Level In, on the other hand, makes its budget status quite well known with sparse, but adequate features. All said and done, there's an option for just about everybody in the Level family, and this infographic will help you figure out where your tastes and needs fall.



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