HTC Opening Vive Studios, A New VR Development Unit

HTC Logo AH 4

HTC is going through some troubling financial times as the company’s phone unit has been losing money for years. Because of that, the Taiwanese consumer electronics manufacturer recently started diversifying its portfolio in hopes of generating more revenue through other means. The firm’s VR division that was spun off earlier this year is by far the most valuable example of this diversification strategy as HTC is adamant to establish itself as one of the leading companies in this emerging market. Now, while the HTC Vive headset is obviously a premium piece of hardware, like any other modern device, it will live and die by its software. Due to that state of things, HTC has recently been investing a lot of resources into growing the Vive ecosystem and bringing more apps, games, and other virtual reality experiences to consumers.

Last month, the company announced a new Chinese VR initiative and before that, it debuted Viveport, a VR app store selling and promoting HTC Vive exclusives. Couple that with the fact that the Taiwanese tech giant recently started bringing its VR headset to entertainment centers and Internet cafes all around the world and you can’t deny that HTC made a serious sequence of VR investments this year. However, the company still isn’t done with pushing this sector in 2016 as it has just announced the opening of Vive Studios, a new unit dedicated to developing and publishing VR apps and games. Vive Studios’ first title is called Arcade Saga and it debuted on Steam earlier today. The game lets players control an enslaved AI looking to battle its way to freedom by participating in three frantic futuristic sports.

Vive Studios has yet to announce specifics of its other plans, but for now, we know that this new division of HTC is looking to publish at least two more games shortly, one of which will be developed by a third-party studio. Interestingly enough, the company’s press release describes Vive Studios as a VR development unit dedicated to everything from games to cinematic, educational, and social experiences. In other words, we can expect an extremely varied range of offerings from this studio in the future.