HTC Ocean Note Shows A Familiar Design In New Render

AH 2015 HTC LOGO Chris Sept 7

HTC’s next flagship phone for 2017 is currently known by the “Ocean” codename, but interestingly enough and according to ongoing rumors, the “Ocean” will actually be a series of three HTC smartphones carrying the codenames “Ocean Master”, “Ocean Smart” and “Ocean Note”. Each of these devices will reportedly be part of the HTC 11 lineup, and each model should present slight differences in terms of hardware and pricing. As yet we don’t know which one of these three alleged models will be the most powerful, but it is likely that the so-called Ocean Note will carry a larger screen, hence the “Note” moniker. In any case, the story today revolves solely around the HTC Ocean Note, specifically a leaked render highlighting some of the smartphone’s exterior design cues.

Earlier this month, a video showcasing a concept design of the HTC 11 “Ocean” made its way onto the web, and as some readers might recall, the aforementioned video presented a brand new look that departs from HTC’s current design language. More recently, however, a new leaked image emerged showcasing the alleged HTC Ocean Note, and judging by this new render it would seem that HTC is not yet ready to give up on its ongoing design philosophy. The image is monochrome and it’s not too pleasant on the eye, but nonetheless, if the image reflects the real product then the HTC Ocean Note won’t be too different from the HTC 10, whose design language has its roots back into the original HTC One released in 2013. In fact, the rendered HTC Ocean Note looks quite similar to the HTC One M9, having a square-shaped rear-facing camera along with two antenna bands near the top and bottom of the back panel.

Assuming that this new render actually reflects the final design of the HTC Ocean Note, the question is whether or not the entire “Ocean” series will share the same design. It’s possible that the top of the lineup will introduce a new design language while the other two “Ocean” variants remain more conservative, or it could be that HTC is not yet ready to make such drastic changes in its design philosophy, and all three “Ocean” smartphones will carry a similar, yet arguably outdated look. It’s too early to tell, but hopefully, new leaks and rumors will shed more light on the matter before the official HTC 11 “Ocean” debut.