Holiday Tech Gift Ideas 2016-2017: Gift Cards

amazon gift card

There’s not much time left to get a gift in time for Christmas. But, you can always pick up a gift card and have it available for that relative you didn’t think you’d see at Christmas at Grandma’s house. Or if you don’t have time to ship gifts, emailing friends and family a gift card is a great idea too. Partially because the person can buy whatever they want with it, and also because it doesn’t need to be shipped.

When it comes to gift cards, there are plenty available out there. We have Amazon’s own gift cards, which can range from just a dollar all the way up to $1,000. Then the recipient can spend the gift card on whatever they want. What’s even more impressive is the fact that Amazon will email or text the gift card to that person for you. So you just have to buy it, and you’re all set. It’s pretty simple, and there are loads of things that users can buy with an Amazon gift card. From a PlayStation 4, to a new TV, or even some groceries.

Starbucks is pretty popular too, and just about anyone would love to get a Starbucks Gift Card. Which you can also pick up from Amazon. These are available in $25, $50 or $100 amounts as well. There are also some great gift cards for AMC Theaters, Subway, Whole Foods and so much more. Some of these are physical gift cards, so you’ll want to make sure they are eGift Cards, otherwise they likely won’t make it to the recipient on time.


Gift cards may not be the most personal gift, or the “best” gift to give this holiday season, but a big number of people do prefer them as it allows them to pick out something for themselves this holiday season. And there will be loads of sales after Christmas is over, which they can take advantage of. So if you have someone on your list who spends a whole bunch of cash at Amazon, it’s definitely worth it to pick up a gift card for them to use. And, you can buy them as late as Christmas day.

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