Harman Announces Partnership with HUD Maker Navdy

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It wasn’t too long ago since Samsung announced their intent to purchase Harman International Industries, and while the firm has all kinds of audio brands under its belt, it appears that Samsung was more interested in their automotive expertise. Harman have been a big player in the automotive world for some time now, and as the car becomes more and more connected, Samsung will no doubt be looking to gain a lot of traction with this purchase of Harman. Now, Harman has gone ahead and entered into a partnership with Navdy, a new name on the scene which recently released their first product, an innovative heads-up display to be used in the car. While not the same sort of technology, it wouldn’t be too far off the mark to think of the Navdy as a sort of smart, connected display for the car.

As a press release states, the two names have entered what they’re calling a “a strategic partnership” which, unsurprisingly, involves some sort of investment. Whether or not this money has come from Samsung is unclear, but it’s likely something like this has been in the pipeline for some time now. The Navdy is a sort of augmented reality heads-up display, and it gives the driver a lot of information that they can digest in a safe manner without diverting their gaze away from what’s going on in front of them. The first fruit of such a partnership between the two firms will result in a new model that’s co-branded “Navdy with HARMAN” and there’s talk of bundling in other products from the Harman lineup, such as the JBL Trip, too.

For Harman, this move will help ensure they can offer both car manufacturers, as well as customers looking to purchase new technology such as this themselves, a way of dramatically improving the driver’s experience in the car. Samsung themselves are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of IoT and connected devices, and with Harman now coming under their wing, deals such as these could become the norm, as the two giants work together to offer compelling and helpful experiences for drivers all over the world. The Navdy with HARMAN has no release date as of writing, but will be available from specialty stores as well as an OEM product, too.