Google and Udacity Intro New Android Dev Fast Track Course

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When it comes to platforms to develop for, there’s no other that has the amount of users that Android does, and there are few other platforms that can reach as many parts of the globe as Android, either. As such, it should come as no surprise that the majority of developers either already develop for Android, or want to learn how to develop for Android. With more and more people coming online with an Android device, this massive user base is only growing, too, which makes Android a more attractive prospect than it has ever been. Learning how to develop for Android isn’t too difficult, and while it’s tricky to approach as a complete novice, those with some sort of coding experience can transition quite successfully, and this new Fast Track course from Google and Udacity is designed to help those exact users.

The new “Associate Android Developer” Fast Track course from Google is available to purchase right now from Udacity for $750, which includes the certification fee, too. This is a course that, in just three months, will have users become a certified Android developer, teaching them all sorts about Android and how to create their dream app. Using the example of creating an app that users can use to find info about movies, this Fast Track course is designed for that that have at least a year’s worth of experience working with Java, and will end with a look at how to deal with errors and make sure an app is production-ready before pulling the trigger and setting it free into the Play Store. These Fast Track courses are a great way to hit the ground running when it comes to development, but they do expect that the user in question has some solid experience under their belt.

These courses are put together by people at Google, and include one-on-one appointments with Udacity members, and as always with these courses from Udacity, users can work in their own time, at their own pace. They should, however, be aware that the course fee only ensures three month’s worth of access, so this is a good time frame to complete the course within. Those interested can head on over to the source link to sign up.