Google Starts Testing Its Own TV & Movie Ratings in Searches

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These days, Google is a company that’s much more than just their online Search, and they offer all kinds of different products and services. Android is of course a prime example of this, and even today, their Search product is easily one of their most-used products all over the globe, with many of us using it for just about everything and not even realizing it. Over the past few years, Google has been using the “Knowledge Graph” to present facts and simple answers to people using Google, negating the need to go through all of the different links provided by a search. Particularly handy on mobile, the Knowledge Graph has grown to include all kinds of informations, and for big Movies and TV fans it’s helped a lot with ratings, showtimes, where to watch a film and who’s in it. Now, however, Google looks to be testing out their own data, offering users a simple way to rate a title, as well as see what others on Google are saying.

As Google Operating System is reporting, Desktop searches with Google for a TV show or a film title are delivering the same sort of card design as they always have done, but there’s a new panel that will appeal for some users that shows a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down option for people to rate the title in question. Next to the place where IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes’ ratings are placed, there is a new panel for Google’s own ratings.

It’s likely that Google is introducing this option as a way to offer another way for users to see whether or not something is worth watching. Considering that Rotten Tomatoes has a reputation of being overly-critical and IMDB a little generic, this other option from Google could be a way of helping users. However, the Google rating is presented in a simple percentage out of 100 percent, and it’s not clear as to how Google makes these figures add up to 100 percent given that there are only two possible options for users to choose from. Either way, it doesn’t appear as though this is a final feature of Google’s, as it’s only appearing on Desktop search for now, with no reported sightings of it on Mobile just yet.