Google Says A Fix Is Incoming For The Pixel's Camera Problem

Not too long ago it was reported that Google Pixel owners, presumably both of the Pixel and the Pixel XL, were having issues with the camera app on their phone freezing which resulted in them having to force close the application. At the time, which was just a couple of days ago, there wasn't any response from Google yet there was a healthy conversation going on between community members in the Google Product Forums and other users known as experts, working collectively to resolve the issue and find solutions. Google has now reportedly acknowledged that they're aware of the problem with the freezing camera and that they're working on a fix.

The good news for anyone who was personally experiencing this issue themselves is that the problem is not related to hardware, as was determined by the original poster of the problem and some Google experts who had gone through the trouble to test out other camera apps to see if the same problem occurred, following necessary and basic steps like clearing out the cache for the camera app and rebooting the device. After figuring out that the issue was related to the software in the Google Camera app, users who had been faced with a freezing camera were at least left with a temporary fix of using a different app take photos.

Alongside the camera freezing, some users were also getting glitchy images with pink and purple lines up and down the screen. Google has stated that they're aware of this part of the problem as well and are working to fix it. While this is certainly an unfortunate problem for those who use the camera a lot, the silver lining is that it may end up being a quick fix and Google is at least currently working on it. That said, Google has not given a time frame for how long it will take to get the fix out to users, so there's no way to know for sure if it will be fixed within the next couple of days or the next couple of weeks. Considering the emphasis Google has put on the quality of the camera, though, chances are they're doing everything they can to get it resolved as fast as possible.

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