Google Play Movies & TV Makes 4K Content Official

Google Play Movies TV 4K AH 1

A few weeks ago, a few users began seeing the option to rent and/or buy movies in 4K or UHD (Ultra HD) quality. Google Play Movies & TV didn’t officially support 4K movies and TV shows at that time. But as of today, they do. According to Google’s blog post detailing the announcement, there are currently more than 125 movies that are available in 4K resolution. You can purchase 4K movies in the US and Canada, as of today. Other countries will likely be coming in the near future. Google says that your first 4K movie is on them, if you pick up a Chromecast Ultra, which does support 4K Casting. For those that like to download movies and TV shows for offline viewing, you’ll want to note that 4K content is larger and will use up more space, so you may want to get a larger micro SD card, if your smartphone supports it.

Of course, 4K content isn’t all that is new on Google Play Movies & TV today. The app is now available on Samsung’s 2016 smart TV’s. So you’ll be able to login to your Google account and access your entire library, as well as finding a new movie to rent and play on the big screen. Google is also bringing some changes to the app on Daydream VR. You’ll now be able to take a virtual tour through the selection of new movies and next day TV shows. There are over 10,000 titles in the Google Play Movies & TV catalog. So now, not only can you watch your favorite movies in virtual reality, but you can also browse for a new movie to watch in virtual reality.

This is a pretty big update for Google Play Movies & TV. Those of you that own a 4K TV, you’ll now be able to watch movies in even higher-definition. If you haven’t picked up a 4K TV, you’ll definitely want to pick one up. There are only a few options for playing 4K movies and TV shows from Google Play Movies & TV, these include the Xiaomi Mi Box, Chromecast Ultra and Sony’s Bravia Android TV sets.

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