Google Pixel Owners Reporting Premature Battery Shutdown

Google Pixel XL AH NS 14

The Nexus 6P happens to be Google’s flagship smartphone from last year and it is a rather compelling device which has been in the market for over a year. However, just last week, it was reported that some users were facing issues with their batteries, whereby their device would shutdown automatically when the battery level reaches 39% – 48%, while some users reported that their smartphones shut down at 17%. Users started facing this issue after updating their device to Android 7.0 Nougat, but it seems that Nexus 6P users aren’t the only ones facing this problem as it has been reported that owners of either Google Pixel devices are facing the same issue now.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL were released just a few months back and while both devices have received praise from tech reviewers and users alike, several hardware and software issues have plagued these devices. Issues include camera problems, defects in some units and audio problems, and now the two devices are facing premature battery shutdowns. A user who goes by the username Hadds on the Google Product Forum, has mentioned that every time his battery percentage on his Pixel device reaches 25%, it will automatically turn off and the smartphone will notify the owner that the battery has reached 0%. Hadds has tried various methods including force stopping apps to fix the issue but to no avail, and it is a daily occurrence.

Another Pixel user reported that his device, which he purchased less than a month ago, has ran into similar battery issues. In the last five days, his device automatically shutdown twice while he was in the midst of using his smartphone, and in both instances, the battery percentage was between 25% – 35%. In one case, a user reported that a Pixel smartphone shutdown at 76% of battery and another time at 57%. Google has yet to come out with an official response regarding the issue but it seems that the issue being faced by certain users is not as widespread as the one faced by Nexus 6P users last week, though it is possible we’ll see more such reports in the coming days.