Google Begins Shipping Google Wifi To Buyers

Google WiFi Hands On AH 3

Google is best known for their search engine and popular services such as Gmail and Google Maps, but the company has their hands in a bit of just about everything, particularly areas relating to internet technology. In the past, Google released the OnHub wireless router, which offered users the advantages of a very easy setup and attractive design. It can also help optimize performance by identifying problems and automatically switching to the strongest wireless frequencies. Now, Google has introduced another Wi-Fi solution, appropriately named Google Wifi, which is ideal for anything from small to large homes that need a wider area of coverage. Last month, Google started taking preorders for Google Wifi, and now the devices have finally started to ship to customers.

New orders for Google Wifi can currently be placed through the company’s website, although the option to order a pack of three is not yet available, which means that while buyers may purchase multiple units, they won’t yet be able to take advantage of the savings offered by the three-unit package. The website indicates that shipping will take two to three weeks, however, those who have already preordered the devices should be receiving them soon; customers who have ordered the devices when preorders originally opened are reporting that they have received emails notifying them that their products are now on the way. This may be problematic for those hoping to order Google Wifi as a holiday gift, as the provided timeframe may cut it a bit close, and if there is any delay, which is a common occurrence during the holiday season, customers may not receive them until the beginning of next year.

Google Wifi is physically smaller than OnHub, but it boasts similar functionality. It can be controlled via a smartphone app and uses Network Assist technology to get the best performance possible based on current conditions. What makes Google Wifi unique, however, is that each unit can function either as a router, or a signal extender. For those with larger homes, multiple Google Wifi devices can create Wi-Fi access points in each room, with overlapping coverage, ensuring that you never lose your connection no matter where you are in the building. Google Wifi can be purchased for $129 individually and will cost $299 for a pack of three once this purchasing option becomes available. To purchase the routers, head on over to the Google’s store.