Galaxy S7 Owners Are Reporting Broken Camera Glass

Samsung's Galaxy S7 is one of the most premium smartphones on the market, and is a serious competitor for phone of the year on many lists, which likely makes it all the more surprising that a decent number of people who own the Galaxy S7 are reporting that the glass over the camera lens is breaking for no reason. According to The Consumerist, a reader reached out to them to tell them about a situation that they faced with their phone; their Galaxy S7 unit, which had lay untouched in a protective case for a while, was found to have had its back camera glass inexplicably shattered in a circular shape, resembling a hit from a BB gun or similar pellet. According to the user, however, Samsung refused to replace the glass for free, and insisted that the user had wrecked the phone themselves. The issue is that this user is far from the only one with such an experience under their belt.

Samsung's forums had reportedly been choked with threads describing frighteningly similar occurrences since April; the back camera glass shatters, always in a fairly circular pattern that seems similar to a BB gun hole, and Samsung refuses to do anything for the user, even those whose phones are still under warranty against manufacturer defects. Carrier plans that normally cover just about anything but accidental damage normally won't cover the issue, either, at this point. This leaves users to simply find their own way to repair the defect, but the kicker is that even after repairs, and in some cases after replacements, some users are seeing it happen again.

This does not appear to be happening to a massive subset of the Samsung Galaxy S7 owner community, but the number of cases reported on Samsung's forums alone are more than enough to cause some concern. There is reportedly a law firm investigating the issue, and a few handsets have made their way back to Samsung for them to conduct their own investigation. For the time being, however, it seems that users who suffer this apparent defect have no recourse except to either fix it themselves, or pay to have it done by a professional or through an applicable warranty plan.

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