Fitbit Drops Case That Sought Import Ban On Jawbone Devices

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A complaint from Fitbit to the United States branch of the International Trade Commission over patent infringement from rival Jawbone has officially been dropped by Fitbit. The dropping of the suit means that the trial that had been set for March of 2017, with a sales and import ban on the line, won’t be happening. Jawbone’s sales and import operations in the United States are now under no threat from legal action on Fitbit’s part. Fitbit stated that their reason for doing this is that Jawbone is now “a different company” than the one that they originally sought action against, pointing to recent estimates that put the value of their stocks at zero or below. Jawbone, for their part, maintains that the patents in question had been proven invalid long ago, and Fitbit should have already dropped the lawsuit.

Jawbone and Fitbit have been fighting one another in court for a while now, but their battles have recently taken a bit of a turn in light of Jawbone’s misfortunes. It was revealed not too long ago that the company has been having some trouble keeping its business running efficiently, with stock continuously falling short of ever-dwindling demand. This indication that the company’s assets are scant and burning away was essentially confirmed, though they did refute rumors of bankruptcy and default that had been put forth by Fitbit. Jawbone losing one of many suits against Fitbit, being a spat over the leakage of trade secrets between the two companies, was a fairly serious blow in the fight against Fitbit in the courtroom, and now it seems that Fitbit is content to sit back and let things take course.

Jawbone’s decline has not been a pretty one, with rumors of the company looking to sell itself, among other such talk, punctuating a slow and steady downward slope in their profits. Long before this, their feud with Fitbit, both in and out of court, painted a pretty clear picture of Jawbone’s place in the modern wearable market. Where Jawbone once ruled the roost in the area of fitness wearables, with no small stake in the world of Bluetooth headsets to boot, Fitbit has swept up the arena in recent years.