Facer 3.0 Adds Tizen And Expands Android Wear Support

Facer 3.0

Customization has always been Android’s strong suit, and the same holds true for Android Wear, a simplified version of Google’s open source operating system for wearables. Changing the face of your Android Wear smartwatch is as easy as switching between launchers on your Android smartphone. In other words, all you have to do is install a third-party app and customize the new user interface to your liking. As far as watch face customization apps go, Facer is one of the most popular products on the market, especially since it became free earlier this year. Yesterday, the said app received a major update as Little Labs debuted Facer 3.0, the latest and greatest version of its smartwatch customization tool.

The most important feature of this new update is expanded device support. For starters, Facer now supports smartwatches running Samsung’s Tizen OS, including the Gear S2 and the Gear S3. Regarding the latter, Little Labs’ app also supports the always-on display of Samsung’s latest smartwatch as all of its featured faces work while the Gear S3 is running in the said mode. At the moment, Facer is currently offering thousands of watch faces that support the Gear S3. Furthermore, this app is now also compatible with most new(er) Android Wear watches, including the ASUS Zenwatch 3, Moto 360 Sport, Nixon Mission, Michael Kors Access, and Polar M600.

Regarding new features, Facer 3.0 comes packed with a unique tool called Color Matcher. As the name suggests, this functionality allows you to match the color of your watch face with your current outfit. More specifically, Color Matcher can be accessed via the Facer Android app which you use to snap a picture of any piece of clothing, preferably the one you’re currently wearing. After you’ve taken the said picture, Facer will analyze it and change your watch face to one whose colors best compliment your current outfit of choice. Last but not least, Little Labs also updated the Facer Creator, a tool for creating watch faces for Facer. This software is now more robust than ever, so aspiring smartwatch face designers should certainly give it a go. Developers decided to celebrate the release of Facer 3.0 with a number of new design collections which can be accessed from the app’s main menu. You can download Facer from the Google Play Store free of charge.