CyanogenMod Website Dark, Ports Coming To LineageOS


CyanogenMod and Cyanogen, Inc. are officially no more as of today. According to Cyanogen himself, also known as Steve Kondik, the code repositories would stay up for a while to allow people to recompile CyanogenMod for themselves. While the project's official support has been pulled, community efforts are encouraged to stay in action, and need access to that source code in order to pull the last changes before official support stopped. That, however, is not the case; CyanogenMod's website and Gerrit have both gone toes-up, their DNS hosting gone. According to official Cyanogen Team members, now Lineage OS team members, this was not Cyanogen's doing, nor anybody else's on the team.

Rather than raising a stink or making an effort to save the doomed websites attached to the old name, the team has moved things over to Lineage's hosting. The Lineage site is a bit on the barebones side at the moment, to say the least, but the Gerrit is alive and well. Every scrap of CyanogenMod code for a number of popular devices new and old is already up and ready to be pulled and forked, as more and more devices pouring in as backups are uploaded. Given time, the Lineage OS team plans to get changes put in on supported devices to make the jump from CyanogenMod to Lineage OS, though the team is still tight-lipped on what those changes will be and what devices will be receiving them aside from saying that Lineage OS will be a return to the original project's community spirit, and a move away from the corporate blunders of Cyanogen, Inc.

Those who want to download a CyanogenMod ROM for their device would think that they're out of luck until ROMs are all recompiled from the source, but a kind Reddit user by the name of Sphincone has taken it upon themselves to host an archive of all of the official ROM downloads that were available on the CyanogenMod website. These, of course, will lack functions like the CyanogenMod account that require official support. Official support for such features in community-made ROMs is also broken, though it may be rerouted to Lineage OS at a later date. Reportedly, we will be getting more information on Lineage OS on Tuesday.

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