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Now that the F1 2016 season is over and done with, and not without some controversy, many a racing fan will be wondering just how they can entertain themselves over the long winter break before things fire up again in March of next year. Well, as these fans wait for the new car designs and rule changes to come into effect next Spring, Codemasters, the custodian of the F1 game license, has now brought their latest game, F1 2016 to Android. Codemasters announced plans to bring the game to Android back in the Summer of this year, and it launched on iOS not too long ago, and now it's finally hit the Play Store.

Much like the console effort, the F1 2016 game on Android isn't cheap, and is quite pricey for an Android game overall, but it's a one-off price for the full game and that means no in-app purchases of any kind, either. The game will put players behind the wheel of the cars from the 2016 season, including the Constructor's and Driver's Championship Winning Mercedes W07 as well as other notable cars from Red Bull Racing, Renault and of course, Ferrari. The game weighs in at 2.67GB, and for that users can experience all of the 21 circuits from this year's record-breaking season, and they can try to climb their way to the top with their driver and car of their choice. Controlling an F1 car is no mean feat, and for the mobile version of the game, Codemasters have included four different control methods, including options to control the car using onscreen controls as well as the usual mobile effort of steering by moving the phone.

Considering that this is a cutdown version of the console game, which is fairly intensive to say the least, it's unlikely this will appeal to those that have that version of the game within reach. However, on Android, this is the only real F1 racing game that appears to be worth giving a go, with other unofficial opens being poorly put together on the whole. With so much on offer for racing fans, Codemasters will no doubt be hoping that this is yet another way for them to hold on to the gaming license, which expires this year, for a few more years to come. Those looking to get behind the wheel of some of the fastest racing cars on the planet can go ahead and download the game from the Play Store button below, as well as get a feel for what it's like from the trailer and included screenshots.


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