Charging Prevention Update Hits T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7


Stubborn Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners who don't want to let go of their devices are numerous, and they have had to take some drastic measures to keep their devices in the face of what has essentially become an involuntary recall. Samsung and carriers worldwide are working to make every effort to ensure that as many people as possible are very strongly encouraged to get the device out of their hands and on its way back to Samsung's factories for dismantling and disposal. To that end, many carriers have already issued updates that limit the charge capacity of the device, prevent it from functioning on their network, or stop the device from charging entirely. Today, those who are clutching T-Mobile's version of Samsung's ill-fated flagship will see an update of the latter sort.

Just a few weeks ago, Samsung made it known that they were taking no prisoners in the fight to get every single Galaxy Note 7 unit back to their factories and out of users' hands. They said that they were planning on working with carriers to get updates out to brick the devices in various capacities. Fight as users may, a good number of Note 7 units managed to pull the updates, relegating them to tablet status or even bricking them entirely. The device is a serious fire hazard, which makes this a safety issue.

T-Mobile customers with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units in their pockets or bags who want to keep them have options, but many of those require some serious tech-savviness, and there is always the risk that the thing could simply go up in smoke at complete and utter random. Along with bricking the phone, today's update will also help T-Mobile customers to see what options they have in getting rid of it and getting their hands on a replacement device. If you are looking to get rid of your device and want to ensure it won't be charged, to be on the safe side, you can take the update by going into your settings menu, then to the About Phone area, and checking for updates manually. The T-Mobile Note 7's farewell update requires your battery charge to be above 30%, and is a fairly lightweight 113.75 megabytes.

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