AT&T Is Raising DIRECTV NOW's Go Big Plan To $60 Next Month

AT&T is raising DIRECTV NOW's $35 plan to $60 next month, which means that you still have time to lock in the price for the lower monthly cost for a subscription. It also means that you'll have to lock in the price soon, as the exact date that AT&T plans to hike the cost up will be January 9th, and that's not too far in the future. It is worth mentioning that this is not the entry-level plan that AT&T offers with DIRECTV NOW, rather it's the Go Big plan that comes with 100 live channels for viewers to watch, stream, and record so they can watch them later.

Some consumers are likely going to wonder about the reasoning for the price change, and it's because the $35 was only an introductory promotional price for the subscription's monthly cost. The actual cost of the plan is set to be $60 a month, and the time is nearing quickly for when AT&T was planning to bump that cost. The good news for those who were looking to sign up for this particular plan is that this can serve as a little reminder to set things up as soon as possible, and once you're paying the $35 your price won't be increased, at least not right away.

While AT&T is doing customers a solid and letting them pay the lower cost as long as they sign up before January 9th, they do not mention how long that $35 monthly price will stick. It's entirely possible that they could allow customers to keep the plan price for quite some time, years even, but chances are that it will end up switching to the higher cost eventually, at which point DIRECTV NOW subscribers would need to decide whether they want to stick with the package they have and pay the higher monthly fee, or switch to the actual $35 a month plan which comes with 60 channels of live TV instead of the 100. This price hike shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, as AT&T clearly labels the Go Big plan at $35 as a special intro price, which details the time and date of the price change if you hover over that label. That being said, it's also probably easy to miss.

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