Under Armour's New Shoes Can Detect If You're Too Tired to Run

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The Internet of Things has produced some relatively interesting products. We’ve seen connected shoes before, even from Under Armour, but these are a bit different. The company announced their newest pair of Record Equipped Running shoes, which can actually track whether you are too fatigued to run. That’s a pretty interesting feature, and definitely sounds more promising than tracking your speed, as other connected footwear has been able to do.

The way that these new shoes can tell if you are too fatigued to go for a run, is by you humping up and down about six times. Using Under Armour’s Map My Run app (available on both Android and iOS) it’ll tell you whether you should keep an even pace, take it easy on your run, or go for a hard run. This test does also learn based off of previous results to see if you are too tired to run or not. Of course, the shoes can also measure your cadence, information on the pace that you’re keeping and how many miles you’ve ran.

Under Armour will be releasing three different models with the new chip that can track your fatigue. The Gemini will cost you $160 and has neutral support to run long, there’s the Europa which will cost you $160 and allows you to run long with stability. Finally we have the Velociti which are $140 and have neutral support to run fast. What’s interesting about the chip inside the shoes is that they don’t need to be recharged, ever, and can also sync and update through the company’s Map My Run app. Making things much easier for runners out there. Under Armour’s chief digital officer, Mike Lee stated that they are “taking a scientific approach to recovery that is directly utilizing real-time data from your body to determine what level of workout you should execute to guide your training.”


These aren’t the first pair of connected running shoes to hit the market, and they definitely won’t be the last. Under Armour is only one of a few companies working on connected shoes, and it’s likely that many more will be shown off at CES next month in Las Vegas. Under Armour’s new Record Equipped Running shoes will be available “early next year”, although a specific time frame was not mentioned in their press release.