Android Chrome 55 With Offline Mode & More Goes Live

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Last week Google launched the Chrome 55 update for Windows, Linux, and macOS, and now the tech giant is bringing Chrome 55 to Android in a new app update via the Google Play Store. The new release seems to deliver on Google’s promises to improve performance in Chrome browser for Android, and includes memory and stability fixes, along with additional features such as having the ability to download web content for offline access.

The latest app update brings Chrome for Android to version 55.0.2883.84 and implements a handful of sought-after features that have previously been seen only in beta builds. This includes a new offline viewing mode in the form of a “download” button found within the overflow menu, allowing users to download and save full web pages with text and images for later access. This content can be accessed later on from the same overflow menu – specifically the “Downloads” section – which includes a list of downloaded content in chronological order, which can then be sorted using different criteria. Additionally, users will be able to long-tap on saved items within the “Downloads” menu and easily delete or share content. Another notable, yet under-the-hood addition to Chrome 55 for Android is an update to the V8 JavaScript Engine, leading to up to 35% memory usage reduction with Android devices equipped with less than 1GB of RAM. Evidently, more powerful smartphones will take advantage of JavaScript Heap Size Reduction and Zone Memory Reduction as well, but these recent changes will likely bring more visible performance improvements to lower-end smartphones. Other features worth mentioning include new improvements to the contextual search user interface, and the browser will now highlight misspelled words in text fields.

Google Chrome 55 for Android is currently distributed via the Google Play Store but as usual, the update’s availability varies based on region. You can click the banner below for a quick way to Chrome on the Play Store, and assuming that version 55 is missing in your region, keep in mind that the update is constantly expanding availability, and should reach most regions “over the next few days” – according to the Chrome for Android development team.


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