Amazon's Digital Day Sale Starts December 30th

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Amazon has announced their own Digital Day sale which is going to be starting tomorrow, December 30th at 3AM EST. The company is looking to discount loads of digital items, including books, games, apps, and much more. Amazon is going to be offering up to 50% off on all of these products, the company has not announced the exact prices on these items, but you should be able to get discounts on games like Titanfall 2, Rocket League and many more. Of course, you'll also be getting discounts on Amazon Music and Video titles – this is in addition to the $0.99 promo that they have been running already.

This sale is going to be US-only, unfortunately for everyone outside of the US. Seeing as many of the products that will be on sale, are not available in other countries. The sale is also good for only 24 hours, so you'll want to pick up whatever you want, while you can. Luckily, the majority of these won't go out of stock, since they are digital items and not physical items.

If you were given, or picked up, a new gaming console, smartphone, tablet or even a new Kindle over the holidays, then this is going to be a great sale for you. Amazon is already offering up a slew of great prices on digital products, but the bigger deals will be available on December 30th. You'll want to check out the link below to be ready for the Digital Day sale from Amazon.


This new Digital Day from Amazon is an attempt at replicating the success of Amazon's Prime Day which they have held the last two summers. It wasn't exactly impressive the first year, but in 2016 it did fairly well. Amazon is now attempting to replicate it at the end of December, as they know a number of people likely got gift cards for Christmas and are looking on something to spend them on. And without having to worry about shipping these products, Amazon stands to make a bit more profit on these products, allowing them to discount them a bit more than usual.

Amazon's Digital Day Sale