Amazon Prime Shipped Over 1B Items During the Holiday Season

Amazon Echo Dot AH 1 2

Now that the holiday shopping season is basically over, Amazon has put out a press release touting how great of a shopping season it was for the retailer. As expected, Alexa devices were some of the more popular devices, and Amazon says they sold 9-times the amount of Alexa devices that they did last year. Of course, part of that is due to the fact that they discounted the Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and many other devices, including their line of Fire tablets.

Now when it comes to Amazon Prime, the company shipped over a billion items with Prime. They also are touting that more people tried Prime this holiday season than any previous year, to take advantage of the free two-day shipping. As expected, December 23rd was the biggest day for Prime Now deliveries ever. And a fun fact there is that the fastest Prime Now delivery took just 13 minutes on Christmas Eve, and it was delivered at 9:05PM to a user in Redondo Beach, California. That's pretty freaking fast, right?

When it came to the most popular products being sold, the Echo Dot, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire Tablet and Echo topped the list. When it came to the TV category, there were no 4K TV's that were best-sellers, as surprising as that might be. The top sellers were a Samsung 32-inch 1080p LED TV, as well as their 40-inch 1080p LED TV and then the Avera 32-inch 720p LED TV. Another interesting category was the wearable category. Garmin almost had a full sweep there. With the Garmin vivofit fitness band and Garmin vivoactive HR smart watch topping the list, followed by the Samsung Gear VR. Interesting enough, no smartwatches (aside from the vivoactive HR, which isn't really a smartwatch, more of a fitness watch) on the list, including the Gear S3, Android Wear or the Apple Watch.


Mobile shopping has been a pretty popular trend as of late, and Amazon says that about 72% of their customers shopped using a mobile device. On top of that, there was a 56% increase in their mobile app usage for shopping this holiday season. Now Amazon didn't actually say how much they made during the holiday season – that will likely be unveiled when they announce their Q4 earnings in a couple of months – but it definitely looks like it was a big season for the online retailer.