AH Reader's Choice: Android Awards 2016 – VOTE NOW!


We'd know that many of you out there love the apps on Android just as much as we do, but it also isn't just about the apps. There are many things about Android that we love and we're sure that you love to, from the smartphones, to the tablets, to the games, and the various other devices that run the operating system. With the year coming to a close in the near future, we wanted to give you, the reader's, a chance to vote on your favorite devices, apps, games and more for the year.

Does one smartphone deserve to be awarded the best smartphone of 2016 more than any other? We want to know which one you think is the best. Couldn't get enough a particular game in 2016? Let us know which game should be the game of the year. We've set up vote boxes down below that have a varied set of options for each category, and you can vote your favorites below. Once there are enough votes and they're all tallied up we'll end up announcing which of each category you all thought were the most deserving. We all have our favorites and that's totally ok, and now is the time to let others know about how awesome you think that new device is or how much they should try out that one app.

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