Acer Circo S Is A Location Tracker Powered By Transatel

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Acer are currently launching a new smart, Internet-of-Things tracking unit called the Circo S into the French market, but will be releasing the product all over the European Union. The Circo S is a new smart tracking device that at its heart, allows up to six smartphones to log in and see where the tag is. Acer expect the unit being bought for carers or parents wanting to ensure that their loved ones are safe, but also explain that the unit could be used to tag valuables such as suitcases or even vehicles. The unit itself is relatively small and lightweight, weighing in at only 22 grams, and offers a two to four-day battery life, depending on how it is used. Acer’s information explains that the device will update its location more often when it detects it is being moved, and produces fewer location updates when it has not been moved.

The software includes the ability to set predefined locations, such as a home or school, and can notify all smartphones connected to the device when the unit is taken into or out of these locations via a text message service. Over time the device learns favorite locations and can suggest these are safe zones. The Circo S also includes an assistance button, which when activated continuously broadcasts the location for five minutes and alerts all connected smartphones, which can either be Android or iPhone devices. The Circo S is being sold as a prepay device; fresh out of the box the device comes with two months of service and owners can easily top up with longer coverage.

The Acer Circo S uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks to understand its location, in common with Google’s location services. Acer are using Transatel as their “cellular enabler,” and this has ensured that the device works all over Europe. Transatel are a “value added service provider” by providing the technical interface and platform management to a company’s products. Their software is used as the backbone for many mobile network virtual operators. In the case of the Circo S, Transatel provide the infrastructure and underlying location sensing technology, such as the cloud system used as part of the infrastructure. Today, Transatel’s services covers over 1.7 million SIM cards and has offices in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United States of America. You can check out the embedded YouTube clip below for more detail as to how Acer’s Circo S works.