YouVisit Launches A Real-World Immersive App For Daydream

While many of the VR apps that are out there and available on Android right now are games, there are quite a few VR experiences that have nothing to do with gaming, and a new application from YouVisit, called YouVisit Showcase, fits into this category. The app has just launched on Android for the Daydream platform, which means it's available now for those who have a Daydream View headset and a Pixel or Pixel XL. According to YouVisit, their app will offer "advanced interactive navigation and engagement," which might seem vague, and it is, but it makes a little more sense when you see what the app actually does.

The app looks to focus on allowing people to immerse themselves in experiences like exploring Machu Picchu or Alaska, or virtually experiencing events like TomorrowWorld EDM Festival and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. While there is a specific Daydream app that's available on the headset, there is also an Android app that supports Google's Cardboard viewer so uses who don't have Daydream compatible phones can still enjoy the application, and other VR headsets such as Oculus Rift look to have compatibility with the experiences as well, albeit through a different means than the Android app as the Oculus Rift connects to a PC for the content.

YouVisit states that the the initial launch of their app for Daydream will include 27 different interactive experiences in all, which also contain additional interactive content totaling around 84 different pieces across the experiences, some of which were mentioned above. The Daydream compatible app will have specially developed elements for the Daydream View that are meant to be used with the Daydream controller, allowing users to control their exploration within the experiences. Part of these Daydream specific features will include the ability to preview spherical worlds using the controller as a means to see what the content might be like before immersing in them entirely. Users can think of this experience like a trailer for a movie or TV show, where watching the trailer can give them a sense of what the show or film is like before seeing the whole thing, only this is quite a bit more interactive. The android app is already available on the Play Store to view in Cardboard and other similar viewers, and it's also now available on Daydream View, which you can grab from the button below.

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