YouTuber Asks Google Home to Do Nothing But Tell Him Jokes

Earlier this Fall, Google officially announced the Google Home speaker, and while the Assistant was announced during Google I/O back in May of this year, not many users have been able to spend quality time with it until recently. The Assistant makes itself at home inside of Google Allo as well, but there's nothing quite like talking to something like Alexa or Google's Assistant to see how far we've come in not only voice recognition, but connecting everything together. The Assistant, as we found out in our Google Home review, is pretty capable right now, but it has a long way to go before it can control everything in our homes, but the new SDK launching next month will no doubt help fill in the gaps somewhat. One thing many that pre-ordered the Google Home speaker will have tried over the past week or two will have been to ask it jokes, well, YouTuber David Chen asked it jokes for 15 minutes straight.

As it turns out, Google Home can pump out more material than you might think, but it would be lying to say that the material itself is all that funny. In fitting with the technology itself, the jokes that the Google Assistant pumps out are pretty pun-y, and offer up some pretty cheap laughs. Over a YouTube video that runs for 15 minutes, Chen asks Google Home to keep on spewing out jokes, with some of my favorites being gems such as "Did you hear about the two antennas that got married? The ceremony was okay, but the reception was great!" A classic from Google that perhaps won't be winning any no-bell prizes, but it's funny to see that Google has primed the Assistant with jokes its target audience will appreciate.

Sadly, however, after about 8 minutes or so, the Assistant has ran out of jokes to tell, and after that it's merely the same jokes mixed up in a different order. Perhaps the moral of the story here is to only ask Google Home for a few jokes a day or every other day, rather than in a longer sitting? Either way, the below video is worth a watch, if only to see how much of a comedian Google's Assistant can be.

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