Xiaomi Mi MIX Looks To Be Significantly Fragile

The attached images below includes a picture which shows the aftermath of a Xiaomi Mi MIX that suffered a drop inside a Xiaomi store. The phone is available on a fairly limited basis, and only in China. It sports some seriously top of the line specs, including an oddball display resolution for its gigantic 6.4-inch panel, up to 6GB of RAM in the higher-end variant, up to 256GB of fast UFS2.0 storage, and the same super powered Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor found in Google’s Pixel phones. It also sports an incredibly beautiful and unique design, pulling of the nearly bezel-free look well enough to make Sharp’s Aquos Crystal jealous, while maintaining the premium look throughout the body. The body is ceramic, and the screen is regular glass, rather than the Corning Gorilla Glass usually found on flagship devices.

With no bezel space in which to absorb the shock of a drop, a slip-up with a Xiaomi Mi MIX turned predictably tragic, and the photo featured in this article was the aftermath. It’s quite plain to see that the device is inoperable; a total loss from a simple drop. At a minimum, it will require a replacement LCD panel and digitizer glass slab, as well as a bit of body work. There is also, given the fragile design, a chance that other components inside the device went toes-up in the drop, pulled from their rightful place in the heart of the device by the force of the impact. Part of the paneling at the top of the device has come loose completely. The photo only shows one angle, but other breakages could be present, given the ceramic body.

While a case is an option, buying such a device only to slap a cheap, or even decent case on it seems a bit pointless, though this option may work for some. An insurance option is available to help protect consumers from such mishaps, but the $36.90 or so protection plan may see consumers waiting a while for repairs, since only 10,000 units are being made per month during the device’s manufacturing run. For that same reason, consumers who want to do the repairs themselves could face high prices and low quantities for the parts they’ll need, especially if all of the units prove as fragile as this one.


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