Xiaomi to Launch "All-New Product" at CES 2017

Xiaomi Mi MIX AH NS 02

Xiaomi have become known for launching excellent products in their home country of China, such as the above Mi MIX, but the company has made slow progress moving out of China. The Chinese smartphone market is a very different world compared to that which we’re used to in the West, with no Google Play Store to speak of, and fierce competition on price. As such, it’s little wonder that Xiaomi have been focusing on becoming a big deal in China, given that it’s a market many big names here in the West are struggling with. The firm have been welcomed by the Indian market, and have developed a massive fan base there, but have struggled to move much further West than that. The time, however, could be now as the firm is teasing a product launch during next year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

As per the official Xiaomi Twitter account, “an all-new product” launch is to happen “globally” during CES 2017, with Xiaomi teasing an event on January 5th that is currently scheduled to last from 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM PST time. Just what Xiaomi have in-store for the World is unclear right now, perhaps more so given that they just released the Mi MIX and Mi Note 2 in China. Of course, the firm has a lot of different products besides just smartphones that they sell in China, ranging from smart routers to smart TVs and even robot vacuum cleaners, so it’s possible that instead of launching a new smartphone, the firm is to launch a new product in these lines for the US market.

The Western world has been waiting for Xiaomi to make their way West for some time now, and with many users importing a Xiaomi device, such as the Mi MIX, to use as their daily smartphone, the Chinese firm could already have more of an audience than they think they do here in the West. The Mi MIX has proven to be a big hit online, and has seemingly gotten people excited in smartphone design once again, so the world will be watching next January to see just how big of a splash Xiaomi plan on making at one of the year’s biggest trade shows in the world of tech.