Wrike: The Ultimate Project Management Solution

Wrike App 1

Software has always played a crucial role in business. However, with the technology and mobile apps, the use of software for business purposes has expanded and changed greatly in recent times. For instance, instead of using multiple different software elements for multiple different purposes, individuals and businesses are both looking towards more cohesive software solutions. Ones which are not only cross-device compatible, but also cross-platform compatible.

Wrike’s online software for project management is a prime example of the new wave of business software that is now available to users. This task management software offers companies an easy way to streamline how their business operates at an organizational level. Wrike is a project management software solution that provides an easier way to manage projects across users and devices, and irrespective of how big or small a company or a project might be.

To highlight what Wrike does, the easiest way to get to grips with the software is to ultimately dive in and start managing a project within the project management app. Once Wrike is installed and running, the software allows you to create projects and then more importantly, manage those projects effectively. The real benefits of Wrike become evident once a project has been created and shared with your co-workers. At this point, the project becomes a collaboration station where users can all work together to ensure the project runs as smooth as possible from creation through to completion.



At the superficial level, the software offers a comprehensive way for colleagues to keep in touch during the development of a project. This could be in the form of group messaging where all project members are involved in the same conversation, decision-making process, and/or the same brainstorming session. Likewise, as the project expands and as more duties become needed, the project lead or team manager has the ability to delegate tasks in real time. So a new ticket or task is created and within a couple of seconds, the team lead is able to see everyone’s schedule, see who has the time to complete the new task, and delegate that task to a particular team member. Everyone is continuously on the same page at all times – without the need for lengthy emails and ensuring the right people are CC’d. All the information is there and readily accessible.

Wrike also has both iOS and Android apps available, as well as a Chrome extension and direct browser access. So regardless of whether someone is using a desktop, an Android device, or an iOS device, they are able to use Wrike and have all the information available to them, as and when needed – instead of only when they are at their desk and logged on. A user can simply log on to the app, see what needs to be done, approve or sign off and can contribute as needed in real time.

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Another one of the benefits of Wrike over other services is that this is one where the pricing can be tailored towards your specific business size and needs. Pricing is dependent on those needs and therefore if you are just looking for software to help prioritize and manage your own individual tasks, then there is a pricing plan for you. Likewise, those looking for a solution for a small team of up to 15 users, they can ensure their monthly cost is relative to the size of their business or the project at hand. Alternatively, those looking for a solution to accommodate up to 200 users (or even more), there are options suited for those needs as well.

For those interested in giving the service a try, Wrike does offer a 14 day trial period on all of their plans so you are able to test an unrestricted version of the service prior to payment. This allows you to test if this is the right type of project management solution for you.