Video Shows New Moto Boot Animation Could Be On The Way

AH 2015 Motorola LOGO 2451

Motorola has introduced some interesting new devices recently, most notably, perhaps, the Moto Z. The Moto Z combines the idea of a modular smartphone with simplicity and practicality by offering a variety of modules that snap directly onto the back of the device to add enhanced features, providing an experience unlike anything available on other devices. Hardware is not the only area where the company has tried to improve the user experience, as the Moto Z has added some interesting software features as well, such as the ability to flip the phone to put it into do-not-disturb mode, and an option to shrink the visible area of the display with a swipe. Now, Motorola has made another software change that will begin appearing on next year’s devices – the boot animation.

Though the boot animation may not be something that many users place a high level of importance on, it serves as the first impression of a device when the user turns it on. Motorola has used some fun and unique boot animations in the past, including the “Stitch” animation, but on recent devices they have done away with the Motorola logo. This decision was met with controversy because some Motorola fans saw this as an indication that Lenovo, the company that acquired Motorola in 2014, was replacing Motorola rather than allowing the company to continue to have their own creative freedom. It has been rumored for some time that the Motorola batwing logo would return, and this animation shows those rumors to be accurate. The animation even takes it one step further, by including a “Hello Moto” audio clip. The Lenovo logo can also be seen towards the end of the animation, reminding users that these are Lenovo devices, but the presence of the batwing logo shows that the Moto team is still involved in the development process.

While many large companies are often not receptive to feedback from their customers, it is refreshing to see them respond to complaints in a way that addresses the concerns at hand to make sure their customers are happy, particularly when it comes to matters like these, that the average consumer most likely wouldn’t even think twice about. To take a peek at Motorola’s 2016 animation, check out the video below.