Video: Drone Gives us Tour of Samsung's Silicon Valley HQ

Samsung Logo 2016 AH 11

Samsung is of course one of the biggest consumer electronics companies in the world, regardless of whether or not they’re having something of a tough time right now. Constantly trading blows with Apple for the number one spot in the mobile world each and every quarter, Samsung is a powerhouse no matter where in the world you might be. Their base might be in South Korea, making up much of the economy for their home nation, but North America is a huge market for them – and any technology firm for that matter – and so it should come as no surprise that Samsung’s North American HQ in Silicon Valley is nothing short of amazing. Luckily for us, a drone had been given permission to film both the outside and the inside of the Silicon Valley HQ, which gives us a great look inside one of the more recent additions to Silicon Valley.

The drone footage itself comes from Vimeo user NBBJ and the building was only finished this sort of time last year, officially opening September 2015. Much like other modern Silicon Valley campus designs, Samsung’s maximizes both vertical as well as horizontal space, making the most of its footprint. Throughout the center of the building there is an open courtyard, and there’s also a lot of greenery being grown inside of the building itself. Everything looks modern, clean and a few things to note from the footage below is the employee playing a little golf inside, as well as the touches of foliage throughout the entire building’s design. This greenery will eventually flow out and down to drape the outer white look of the building to give it a more green feel from the outside as well as the inside. Speaking of which, the inside of the building is a pair of two-story building tacked together, and it’s clear that Samsung wanted to make the most of the space that they were given.

Samsung is also looking ahead to a new campus, much like Apple themselves are building right now, and while it might not appear as though Samsung needs more space, there’s a certain status that goes along with having a bigger and better campus than your neighbors in the world of Silicon Valley. For Samsung, keeping up appearances is important, but so too, is finding and attracting new talent. As the firm wants their employees to think in a more startup-focused manner, an attractive campus will no doubt attract young and innovative new people, too.