Video Compares Bluboo Edge & Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Back Covers


Bluboo Mobile already has quite a few smartphones that are currently available for those who are looking for an affordable smartphone, with the Bluboo Picasso being a prime example. However, a few days ago came the news that Bluboo's latest smartphone is one which sports a rather familiar design, as it is one which makes use of a curved display much like the Galaxy S7 Edge. The big difference being though, the Bluboo Edge is nowhere near as expensive as the Galaxy S7 Edge. Along with the earlier announcement came a video which actually showed off the Bluboo Edge and offered those who might be interested in picking one up a chance to see the curved edges in more detail.

Following which, it now seems as though more information about the Bluboo Edge is coming to light, as Bluboo has now released another video showcasing the upcoming smartphone. This one actually takes things a little further by comparing the back cover of the Bluboo Edge with the back cover of the Galaxy S7 Edge. Providing a good insight into the similarities and the differences between the two devices.

In this new video, the curved backs of both smartphones are highlighted in detail and do showcase how attractive both smartphones are and especially in the sunlight. In terms of the new Bluboo Edge, the back of this smartphone is made using IML electroplating technology, which is one of the reasons as to why it looks so bright in this latest video and even shinier than the Galaxy S7 Edge. In addition to helping the back to appear so shiny, the IML electroplating technology also serves to help the smartphone be more durable, as it is made of an anti-scratch and anti-corrosion material. Of course, the back is only one aspect of the smartphone and we will have to wait to hear more information before deciding how good the Bluboo Edge is in other departments. Although, with an expected pre-order price of only $99.99, the Bluboo Edge might be a phone to keep an eye out for. In the meantime though, you can check out this latest Bluboo Edge video in full below.


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