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With the charge led by advertising agencies and artificial intelligence, just about everybody in the tech sphere these days is using data aggregation of some sort to improve their products and services, offer entirely new options for customers, or both. The newest service to hop on the bandwagon is Uber, who has debuted a data-driven guide to some of the top watering holes and places to grab a bite in twelve major US cities. Users can check spots out based on a number of different factors, all of which use data from Uber's own service to show a ranked list of places to check out. Given the fact that Uber's ride count is in the millions per month, the data being used for the list can at least be trusted to be based off of a good-size data sample.

The first and most obvious criteria is sheer popularity; Uber ranks these restaurants and bars based on how many total riders end up there. The second is based on repeat visits from locals, showing out-of-towners the top spots chosen by people who live there and know their stuff. A third criterion is large increases in fares ending up at a place, meaning that it's becoming popular. Number four is the divisive brunch list. While not everybody partakes of a late AM or noon-ish meal, those that do can check out the spots that get the most traffic around that time. Next up is places that people gravitate toward on Friday and Saturday nights, indicating weekend hotspots. Finally, users can check out spots that have a lot of fares using Uber's premium options, indicating places that may be good for a night out with a special somebody.

For now, listings are available in twelve major metro areas; Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York City, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. At this time, Uber has not announced any plans to expand the list, though they will be keeping the rankings regularly updated for the areas that are currently on board. If you're in any of these metros and are looking for a good spot to take a load off, head through the source link. Even if you're not looking for a night out right now, bookmarking it may be a good idea, since there's no indication that it's available inside the app.

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