Top 10 Best Thanksgiving Android Apps – November 2016


Thanksgiving is coming up real soon, in fact it’s this Thursday, and it’s one of the most popular holidays in the US. It’s a time for most people to be thankful, but often times people are more excited about all of the food that will be cooked and then getting a head start on their holiday shopping, as a number of retailers begin their Black Friday sales on Thursday these days. There are some great Thanksgiving apps available on the Google Play Store, to get you through all of the cooking, preparing for holiday shopping, and even some Thanksgiving themed games.

Thanksgiving Coloring Book



Need to keep your kids busy while you’re cooking? The Thanksgiving Coloring Book is the perfect app to download onto your smartphone. Kids (or adults) can spend time coloring all sorts of pictures in this coloring book. Users will use their finger to color in the pictures, which you can also choose all of the different colored crayons to use as well.

Thanksgiving Live Wallpaper



Looking to get into the Thanksgiving spirit? This live wallpaper app is going to be a great app to check out. This live wallpaper app has a few different live wallpapers that are Thanksgiving themed and can make your smartphone look a bit more Thanksgiving-ish.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner



Allrecipes is a great app for finding recipes year-round, but with Thanksgiving, some may want to try something new and Allrecipes will have every recipe you could want. Additionally, Allrecipes has support for Amazon’s Alexa and Android Wear. So you don’t even need to take your phone into the kitchen when you’re cooking, and risk damaging it (not every phone is waterproof).




If you’re not a big fan of Allrecipes, Cookpad is another great app to check out for finding that recipe you need. Cookpad can find recipes for different occasions, different meals and even find you recipes based on what ingredients you have. Say you have chicken thawed, but are unsure of what to cook, you can easily browse chicken-based recipes in Cookpad.

Multi Timer StopWatch



For Thanksgiving you, or whoever is cooking, is going to be cooking many dishes at the same time. And you’ll need timers set to make sure that the dishes don’t get over-cooked or burned. That’s where Multi Timer StopWatch comes in. You can set multiple timers, and also label them. So you can easily see which timer is for which dish.

Macy’s Parade Time Traveler



One of the big event’s that happens every Thanksgiving day is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. The Parade has been happening every year since about 1920. And now with the Macy’s Parade Time Traveler app for Android, you can go back and time and check out the parade from previous years, even as far back as 1935. A great way to take a trip down memory lane.

Hidden Objects Thanksgiving



Here’s another great Thanksgiving-themed game, it’s Hidden Objects Thanksgiving. It sports 30 levels where you’ll be finding things like Turkeys, Cranberries and so much more. It’s a pretty addicting game, and it’s a perfect game for this time of year. The game is free and the best part is that there are no in-app purchases.

Black Friday 2016 Slickdeals


Stores are starting Black Friday earlier and earlier every year. A number of retailers start their deals Thursday morning. So you’ll want to stay on top of what deals are happening when, and this app from Slickdeals is a great way to do it. You’ll find deals from a slew of different retailers, even deals that aren’t advertised.

NFL Mobile


On top of having loads of great food and being surrounded by family, football is a big deal on Thanksgiving as well. The NFL has four games happening on Thursday, starting off with the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions at noon. The NFL Mobile app is going to be an important app to use to keep up with all of the action, if you can’t get to a TV to watch what’s happening.



Football doesn’t end on Thursday however. College Football starts on Friday and it’s the beginning of the “Rivalry Week” with big rivalry games like Michigan at Ohio State, N.C. State at North Carolina, and Kansas at Kansas State, just to name a few. All of which can affect the College Football Playoff. Needless to say, it’s can’t miss football this weekend, and the ESPN app will keep you up-to-date with everything happening in the world of football.