Top 10: Best Superhero Games For Android – November 2016

Top 10 Best Superhero Android Games

Superheroes are classic, superheroes are timeless, and they’ve captivated the minds of individuals for decades. So it’s only natural that after conquering the likes of comic books, movies, TV, and console games, that they’d eventually make their way to mobile games as well. There are tons of different superhero-based games on Android these days, and many of them very good. If you’re looking to dive into some of the superhero action here’s ten games worth checking out.

LEGO DC Super Heroeslego-dc-super-heroes

Starting things off is something that lovers of superheroes and lovers of the favorite builders toy can appreciate. LEGO DC Super Heroes is great for all ages, and places you in control of your favorite heroes in the lovable LEGO form. You can play as Batman, Superman, The Flash and others, and take on some of the most dastardly super villains ever known. More heroes and villains are added in updates too, keeping things fresh.


MARVEL Tsum Tsummarvel-tsum-tsum

Next up is Marvel Tsum Tsum, which is a puzzle game themed with marvel superheroes and villains. The idea is to connect up the Tsum Tsum heads of heroes and villains that match each other to remove them from the game board. This isn’t exactly a unique gameplay type but it’s a lot of fun and the adorable little Tsum Tsum’s are a great addition. The game spices things up by adding in missions to complete, as well as villain battles. You can also charge up your super hero skills by erasing Tusm Tsum’s from the board then unleash those abilities onto your enemies.

Spider-Man Unlimitedspider-man-unlimited


If you tend to gravitate towards Spider-Man as a favorite hero, then you’ll want to give this one a look. It has everything you could ever want from a Spider-Man game including swinging around New York City and battling enemies with action-packed combat. Of course, you don’t just get to play as Spider-Man, as there are over 100 characters from the Spider-Man comics that have been included in the game as playable. There are also 40 boss fights, and a nice little story to follow in this unique runner.

MARVEL Contest of Championsmarvel-contest-of-champions

Fancy a game with a little more a fighting style? Try MAREL Contest of Champions. There’s tons of heroes to select and although this won’t be a true fighting game with complete control of movement, you will be able to control the timing of attacks and which attacks you do. To make things a little more robust the game also includes quests and a bit of story to follow.


Injustice: Gods Among Usinjustice-gods-among-us

If you’re a fan of the style of MARVEL Contest of Champions but you prefer the DC universe, then Injustice: Gods Among Us is your game. The gameplay is similar and allows for multiple heroes and villains as playable characters, but from DC comics instead, which includes favorites like Batman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, The Joker, Bane, Lex Luther, and others, as well as less well-known heroes and villains like Raven, Green Lantern, Killer Croc and more. Characters are collected as cards, and you can build up your team with three cards total. The more you play the more they level up and you can even battle other players online.

LEGO MARVEL Super Heroeslego-marvel-super-heroes


Much like the first game on this list, you’ll be able to play as all your favorite super heroes but in LEGO form, and from the MARVEL comic book universe instead of DC. There’s more than 91 characters to play and 45 missions to sate your  hunger for some MARVEl super hero fun. No matter which hero you choose, each has a series of regular attacks which you can use to build up a charge for your super moe and really do some damage.

Suicide Squadsuicide-squad

It’s not always all about the superheroes, as sometimes the villains need to shine. Suicide Squad takes the cast of the most recent DC film and tosses them into the mix as you control them in an action-packed first person shooter type game. It is worth noting that you can only play as three of the characters, which includes Harley Quinn, Dead Shot, or Diablo, and this is more of a wave-based first person shooter as the goal is to see how long you can last against the onslaught of enemies.


Batman – The Telltale Seriesbatman-the-telltale-series

The games from Telltale are nothing short of spectacular, especially for their story telling, and this puts you right in the shoes of Batman himself. You’ll be given numerous choices throughout the game all which can affect the outcome of what happens next, and ultimate decide Batman’s fate. The game plays out much like a moving story book, and has you tapping and swiping the screen during various moments to correspond to certain actions.

DC Legendsdc-legends


DC Legends is the newest game on this list, and is also the most different as it’s set in an MMO style of gameplay. You can collect both heroes and villains here and as one would expect of an MMO style of game you can level them, equip them with gear, and take on vast challenges either by yourself or with others as you attempt to fight off some of the most devastating evils of the DC universe.

MARVEl Future Fightmarvel-future-fight

Rounding out this list is a fan favorite, and like DC Legends it lets you collect and play as multiple heroes, but instead of MMO gameplay you’ll be diving into more of an action-rpg style here, similar to that of games like Dungeon Hunter 5 and Heroes of Incredible Tales. Each character you collect has their own iconic hero and villain abilities, and with the new Dr. Strange movie that just came out you can now collect and play as his character to celebrate the film. There’s a single player campaign available, or you can try your hand at some 3v3 player vs player battles.