Top 10 Best Equalizer Android Apps – November 2016

Top 10 Equalizer Apps AH TD

Listening to music on Android has become one hell of an experience over the years, with users now able to listen to all sorts of different music from all sorts of different sources. Listening to music is a different experience for everyone, of course, and some like a little more bass, some like it a little louder than it’s supposed to be and some need a little help hearing all those different sounds and frequencies. Short of buying a better pair of headphones, equalizer apps can help to bridge the gap a little bit here, and while your mileage may vary from app-to-app, we’ve put together a quality list with 10 of the best Equalizer Apps on Android.

Equalizer Music Player



One of the best ways to make sure that what you’re listening to is actually changed by your Equalizer app is to use one that also plays your music. This is a simple and easy-to-use affair in the Play Store, which also has a good interface that will remind many of mixing desks and music players of old. It’s easy-to-use, looks good and has a lot on offer for those looking for a solid experience.

Bass Booster



One of the larger complaints today is that our phones and headphones just don’t give out enough bass any more. With Bass Booster, users can rectify this by either turning on the Bass Boost option, or tweaking things to their liking with a dedicated five-band equalizer. With almost 50 Million downloads in the Play Store, and some great reviews to go with it, this seems like one of the better options for those in need of more bass on the daily.




A more recent, yet also well-received app in the Play Store is just “Equalizer” which offers users a very. very sleek Material Design look and feel, while offering a graphical equalizer, as well as some extras. These extras include a bass boost as well as surround sound settings and a number of presets to improve the overall sound of whatever it is you’re listening to. Free to download and try out, this is a simple and appealing option.

Onkyo HF Player



As we’ve said, using an app that is also a music player often delivers better results, and this Onkyo HF Player is no exception, it allows for an excellent graphical experience when changing the overall frequency response and makes a genuine, noticeable difference, rather than anything superficial. The HF Player app from Japanese HiFi brand Onkyo also has the ability to play music all the way up to 24-bit and even DSD music files, too. It’s also free to use, too.

Equalizer Pro (Free)



Another app that offers much of the same features, this has been around for some time now, and appears to be well-received similar to other options. It has a great selection of different presets available for those looking for a simple change, and there’s also a great bass boost option available here, too. The ten-band graphic equalizer will be a standout feature for many, and it certainly does give greater control over things for some.

EQ Music Sound Equalizer



This is one for those that have fond memories of HiFi systems decked out in silver metallic finishes, and those that have a retro feel to them. With simple, pleasant graphical controls to it, EQ Music Sound Equalizer is the sort of app that gets the job done with minimal fuss or hassle, and it’s well worth looking into for those in need of a less fussy sort of option. Free to download and use, there are few complaints here to be had.

Headphones Equalizer



Something with a more modern look and feel to it, Headphones Equalizer is the sort of app that’s designed for those with a desire to make their beloved headphones sound as good as they can. Headphones can be very different from make to make, and some will be more bass-heavy than others, while others will be more treble-forward. Headphones Equalizer is the app that can help you smooth out one or the other to make sure your headphones sound closer to your ideal sort of groove.

Poweramp Music Player (Trial)


It’s hard to have a list like this without mentioning the Poweramp app. A great music player, but more so because of the equalizer side of things, there’s a whole load of different presets as well as things you can do with the Poweramp Music Player that other apps simply cannot do. The full version is pretty pricey, but it’s the sort of app that will be worth it for those that really, genuinely care about their music.

Music Equalizer – Bass Booster


This is a great-looking app that has the sort of feel of something you’d find lying around a recording studio, and it delivers similar results as well. It’s customizable as well, allowing users to choose a newer and different theme for the app if they want, and it’s got some great reviews in the Play Store. With 22 different presets, surround sound and of course a graphic five-band equalizer, there’s a lot to like about Music Equalizer – Bass Booster and it’s free to download, too.

Bass Booster and Equalizer


For those that want to feel like they’re living the dream of being a DJ, this is the app for them. It’s the sort of thing that has all kinds of dials and turntables, and it will offer users some quality results no matter what they’re listening to. A great and fun way to improve the overall sound of what you’re jamming to, there’s a lot on offer here and a lot of reasons to be excited by Bass Booster and Equalizer, too.