Top 10: Best Coupon Apps For Android

Top 10 Coupon Apps AH

It is that time of the year when a number of sites, stores and businesses start one of their many sales, deals and other money-saving promotions. Of course, savvy shoppers out there will already be well-versed when it comes to the world of coupons and the value that they have or more importantly, the value they can save. Whether you are new to coupons are not, there are quite a few Android apps that are available which can help you find your next coupon or help organize your coupons into a more manageable state. To help you get to better grips with the number of apps that are out there, here are ten of the best coupon apps for Android that are currently worth checking out.

The Coupons App



Starting off the list today is the rather aptly-named ‘The Coupons App’. As the name does clearly suggest, this is an app that is purpose-designed to be a one-stop shop for all your couponing needs. That includes coupons from the some of the big name stores like Walmart, Target, CVS, and more. As well as a variety of grocery store coupons and restaurant coupons. So if you are looking for one app which offers a wide range of coupons and has an already-established user base, then The Coupons App might be worth checking out.

RetailMeNot Coupons, Discounts



Those who are often hitting the internet for deals and coupon codes will already likely be familiar with RetailMeNot. As well as their main website, RetailMeNot also has a dedicated Android app to make sure that not only can you find the coupons you want, but that you also have them to hand when you need them. According to the app listing, the app provides access to deals from more than 50,000 retailers, as well as deals on local and national restaurants. As well as being able to search manually for special deals or stores, you can also check out a map view which will let you know what stores near your current location have offers.

Coupons, Codes, Deals & Saving



Another popular option for Android device owners is the Coupons, Codes, Deals & Saving app. This one, like the others, provides a wealth of ways to find (and use) coupons. So for instance, as well as gaining access to various coupon codes that you can apply online, you can also gain access to print-friendly coupons that you can in turn, then use in store. You also have the ability with this app to link your cards for further card-exclusive deals and discounts and can simply sign up to receive automatic alerts for any deals or discounts that are currently on offer near your current location.

Flipp – Weekly Ads & Coupons



Flipp takes a slightly different approach to app couponing so if you are looking for something a little different to the rest then this might be the one to go for. What makes it different is that this one places most of its focus on flyers. So you can simply search by zip code and have instant access to all the store flyers in your area. Likewise, you can search specifically by product and see which stores are currently offering the best deals on that product. If you are more into your store flyers, then this will be one worth checking out.

Ebates: Cash Back & Coupon App



Ebates is another app which takes a slightly different approach to some of the others, as this one looks to offer you even more savings. While the Ebates app will provide you with coupons and discounts codes for use at the time of purchase, the big selling point with this app is that you can also get cash back on all your purchases made through the app. As such, as well as saving on list prices, you can also be getting more money back in your pocket as a rebate. Which of course, you can then use to purchase more discounted items with.

Krazy Coupon Lady



Another app worth considering is the Krazy Coupon Lady app. This one looks to make sure that you have access to the best deals every day. Which means this one will actually bring you deals from some of the big-name coupon sites likes Coupons.com, Ibotta, and Checkout 51. According to the Play Store list, you can expect more than 60 new deals each day and from some of the biggest stores around, including Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, and more.

Checkout 51 – Grocery Coupons


Checkout 51 was noted as one of the sources that can be searched when using the Krazy Coupon Lady app, however, if you would rather make use of their app directly, then you can with the Checkout 51 app. This is another app which places a focus on rebates so once a deal is live, you can buy the product, take an image of the receipt and then claim a rebate for the purchase. Once your rebate total hits $20, you’ll automatically receive a check in the mail.

SnipSnap Coupon App


If you are someone who likes to coupon cut, then SnipSnap will definitely be an app that you will want to check out. This app allows you to take any printed coupon and scan it. Once scanned the coupon magically becomes a digital coupon, which you can then use in store. So no more carrying wads of printed coupons around with you. Of course, if you cannot find any printed coupons, you can always search the database for one too.

SavingStar – Grocery Coupons


In contrast to the last app, SavingStar is all about not having to bother cutting, scanning or doing anything with physical apps. Therefore, if you are looking for an app which can just bring you the best deals and coupons without having to clip them or even print them to use, the SavingStar might be worth checking out. You simply look through the deals, find the ones you want and tap the offer to redeem.

Groupon – Shop Deals & Coupons


Of course, when it comes to deals, few will need much introduction to Groupon. This is one of the biggest deal sites on the internet and does place a focus on bringing prices down by being able to offer businesses a lot of customers. However, beside the actual group deals that you can save with, there are also a ton of coupons and other discounts that you can make use of. So if you are not already groupon-ing, then maybe it is time you started.