Top 10 Best Android Apps – November 2016


New applications come in and land on the Play Store quite often, and this can make it challenging to sift through everything that’s available. Whether you just like to keep up on what apps are new or you’re actually on the lookout for a new app that can improve the user experience on your phone or something in your day to day life, here are ten apps worth looking into.


Kicking off this list is the official Daydream app. Now, this is only going to be useful for those that have a Daydream View headset as well as those who have a Pixel or Pixel XL, but it’s definitely an app you’ll want if you fall into those categories. Through this app you can configure the Daydream View headset as well as cycle through and browse the different apps that you can install which work with the headset.



This is the new wallpaper app from Google, and it comes stock on the Pixel and Pixel XL, but it’s also available to those running Android 7.0 Nougat and above. You’ll find a collection of live wallpapers here as well as the different collections that come pre-installed on the new Pixel devices. It also allows you to set different wallpapers for the lock screen and the homescreen rather easily.

Adobe Photoshop Sketchadobe-photoshop-sketch-1


For the artists and graphic designers out there, the new Photoshop Sketch application can be a very useful tool. To make full use of it you’ll need to have an Adobe Creative Cloud account, but those are free to set up. You can utilize multiple different drawing tools and if you need to work from your PC for a little more power, you can easily transfer the content and all layers to Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC.

Amazon Rapidsamazon-rapids

This app tailors to the kids and is a great way to have your children reading. Amazon Rapids offers up a unique style of reading that presents each story in a chat-like appearance to make it look like a text message thread. It’s got tons of stories inside and they’re all original content too, and although it does need a subscription it can be used by everyone as it supports multi-device use simultaneously.


YouTube VRyoutube-vr-app-01

The name should give this one away, as it’s the official YouTube application for the Daydream VR platform, which will be accessible first from Google’s Daydream View headset that has just recently launched. All your favorite YouTube content is here, complete with 360-degree videos and the app automatically keeps things centered and right in front of you so even if you’re leaning back you can enjoy what you’re watching without missing any detail.



This is an app geared towards Android 7.0 Nougat and above users, and opens up the capability to customize the quick settings tiles by adding more tiles that aren’t normally available, as well as enabling the ability to take a quick action while staying in the app you’re already in.


As opposed to an app for reading books, Readfeed is an app that focuses on having discussions about books. It offers up a whole social community for people to talk about their favorite books as well as post pictures of books they may currently be reading, and it even has a book search feature that supports searching by author, ISBN, and book title.


Adobe Photoshop Fixphotoshop-fix

Although this is another Adobe Photoshop app, it’s different from Sketch which focuses on sketching new artwork and designs. Instead Photoshop Fix is all about allowing you to apply easy and on the go touches to your images, and any changes or fixes you make can be continued on PC in Photoshop CC if you have a Creative Cloud account set up.



This one is for the Pixel and Pixel XL owners. While Ambient display comes as a default feature of these two phones, it’s a little more limited untouched. Ambi-Turner opens things up a bit by letting you wake the display again in ambient mode with a simple hand wave over the screen, and it does the same thing for when you pull it out of your pocket or pick it up off the table.

Fingerprint Gesturesfingerprint-gestures

Last but not least is Fingerprint Gestures. This is another app which needs Android 7.0 Nougat to work. If your device is running on this version of the Android software and has a fingerprint sensor, then this app will enable the fingerprint scanner gestures that come stock on the Pixel and Pixel XL. Beyond that, though, it also opens up a whole bunch more capabilities for what you can set the gestures to do, instead of just allowing you to swipe down on it to pull down the notification shade.