Todoist Android App Updated With AI-Based Smart Schedule

Anybody with things to do and a smartphone, from all the chronic procrastinators with Facebook opened up in another tab, to the hyper-organized go-getters with precious downtime, can benefit from Todoist. The app has been around for quite some time and enjoys a user count in the tens of millions. It is, of course, more than a simple to-do list in app form, and the newest update helps to make it an even more capable organizational and task planning tool, thanks to the introduction of a new feature called 'Smart Schedule'. Interestingly, it does this by hopping on the increasingly crowded AI bandwagon.

Having overdue tasks hanging around can be a real burden and according to Todoist's data, over 70% of their user base has overdue tasks. Whether it's due to poor prioritization, procrastination, or just life happening, people fall behind and get overwhelmed. It's a fact of life, and is exactly what Smart Schedule is looking to alleviate the pain of. The AI-based feature aggregates data from your own habits, and anonymous data from other Todoist users, to figure out how best to prioritize your loaded schedule, and suggests where tasks should fall. It also takes things like existing obligations, workdays and weekends, and even long-term goals into account. When a user decides to use Smart Schedule, they can easily accept, reject, or manually change any of the app's suggestions.

Users can put Smart Schedule to work for them in a few different ways. Using the "Reschedule Overdue" option is the simplest way; the AI will take all of your overdue tasks, figure out where to put them, and run the new list by you for approval. When adding or postponing any task, Smart Schedule will have a suggestion for a due date based on the factors listed above, which the user can accept or reject. Users can also select multiple tasks in their schedule, whether overdue or far in the future, and have Smart Schedule find new places for them. Even though the whole thing is based on AI and data aggregation across all users of the platform, your data is secure; it won't be shared, used for other purposes, or even seen by Todoist's staff; the AI handles everything autonomously and in a self-contained manner. The update should be available now for all users and if you have yet to try out the app, you can by heading through the Google Play Store link below.


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