Thanksgiving Tip: Cast Daydream To Your Android TV Device

If you have decided to take the VR plunge and have picked up a Daydream View headset, then the chances are good that you also happen to have a Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone as well. After all, they are currently the only available smartphones that will properly work with Daydream. Although, unofficially some people have managed to use Daydream with non-Daydream-ready smartphones. Either way, if you have a Daydream rig set up and of course, an Android TV device, then there is nothing stopping you from using them together.

This is more of a just heads up really. As to some, this will be quite obvious, but to others it might not be. As your Pixel is an Android smartphone, there is nothing stopping you from casting your Pixel and Daydream experience over to your big screen. Virtual Reality is somewhat of an isolated experience and while you can share that experience with your family and friends by physically passing around the Daydream rig, a nice alternative is to cast your phone over to your Android TV device and let everyone watch what you are doing, while you are doing it.

For those not sure how to do this, the process is as simple as casting your device screen for any other reason. It is highly recommended to cast your screen first and then put your Pixel into your Daydream View. Although, while Daydream is running you can also pull down the drop down menu and hit the cast button as well. However, this does require you to open up the headset to access the phone’s on screen controls. So it just makes sense to cast first, then insert into the headset.

If you don't have the Quick Settings 'Cast' icon already in your pull down menu, then the Cast command can be found in your Pixel’s settings under 'Display' and then 'Cast'. Although, if you do plan on Casting often with Daydream, then it will be worth adding a quick access toggle to your pull down menu. You can do this by accessing the drop down menu and then clicking on the edit (pen) icon, finding the Cast toggle icon and then moving it to your Quick Settings toggle list.

Granted, what your family and friends will see, will not be quite as nice and VR-like as what you see, it is still a better option than everyone in the room just watching you and having you describe what is going on around you. So if nothing else, this is a just a nice way for everyone in the room to get to enjoy your Daydream antics along with you. Especially seeing Thanksgiving is almost here and many of us will be spending the time with the family - just an idea for one of the fun things to do this year during the big day.

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