Syntonic Freeway Coming To India Via Vodafone & Airtel

Syntonic is a company that some aren't aware of at all, and some others swear by. One of their specialties is a software called Freeway, that helps bring mobile apps and web-based interactions to customers in data-starved markets through data rewards which enable the connectivity used to access those apps and services. Currently only available to some AT&T customers in the U.S., Freeway is looking into expansion into other markets, and India is one of the first big targets. Through deals with app and game developers, web content providers, and local carriers Vodafone and Airtel, Syntonic hopes to bring Freeway to the entire 200 million strong mobile market of India.

Mobile subscribers for the four carriers will have access to a special app in the Play Store and Apple's App Store that provides users with data rewards which won't use any of their data allotment. Up until now, Freeway has only been able to provide zero-rating of data used to download things or view web pages, but starting with the rollout to India, they will be partnering up with a number of game and app developers like Electronic Arts, Reliance Games, and Nazara Technologies to get full integration of Freeway's functionality into the framework of various apps and games, meaning that users will be able to play games online or use sponsored apps without using up their data bucket.

In India, about 85% of mobile subscribers are on prepaid data plans, usually with a somewhat limited data allotment. This means that just about any free data or data rewards, with many trying to break into the market, are mostly welcomed with open arms. Syntonic's solution promises to increase engagement for participating content creators and developers by allowing them to expand to customers who would otherwise skip their app or not end up seeing their web page over data plan concerns. With Syntonic's new data reward offering, content providers have the opportunity to reach up to 200 million new eyeballs on their content, and thus their ads, and even their sales pitches and products, in some cases.

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